STUDIO ENYD is a small ceramics studio in Melbourne creating thoughtful and functional ceramics for the home.

Stephanie, the ceramicist behind STUDIO ENYD, makes every piece herself from beginning concept to finished work. Each piece is either thrown on the potter’s wheel or made using hand building techniques and fired in an electric kiln.

All work is made using Australian clays and some locally found clays, usually used for slips. Wood ash salvaged from the fires of family and friends is used for some of the glazes and all glazes are made from raw materials in the studio.

STUDIO ENYD pieces celebrate the many different colours, textures and surfaces possible to achieve through experimenting with different clay and glaze combinations.

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What’s in a name?

Enyd - Old English / Welsh girls’ name (variations - Enid and Enaid)

English meaning: fair. Welsh meaning: purity, soul/spirit, life

Enyd is an anagram of Yend, a variation of Yeend, which is an old English medieval name (and my last name). The exact meaning is unknown because the name predates written records but it’s possible it was derived from Geond, meaning: over yonder, beyond, over there but within sight. It’s also believed that the name was originally linked to occupation, and in the early 1800s Yeends were farmers and brickmakers!

Pottery and ceramics, like names, have ancient origins and rich history. They can endure centuries, tell enchanting stories and take on slightly different variations and meanings across lifetimes. I think the history of both is pretty fascinating!